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• Consultative service – we work with you to explain your options and recommend solutions that address your business needs.


Printing + Design Services

Print Services


phorm not only offers competitive prices for any type of printing, we are in a position to that we can utilize our knowledge of the thousands of printing options available and present a solution that fits your specific needs and budget.


Furthermore, because we also do the design work we have the added advantage of selecting printing that enhances the graphic design, and vise-versa.


The problem with printers: when you deal directly with a printer they are limited to the capabilities of the equipment that they have on their shop floor. As you can imagine, printing equipment is extremely expensive. There are hundreds of different types of machines required to perform various stages of printing, cutting, binding, finishing etc. – and no printer has all of them.


The vast majority of print shops will specialize in certain types of printing based on their in-house equipment – this is what they can be competitive in and provide you with the best prices for. This is also ONLY what they tend to offer you when asked what YOUR best solution is. A print shop would typically avoid sending you elsewhere – they may not even be aware of the benefits that other printing techniques offer.


phorm is a large volume buyer of printing from a multitude of print shops. We have access to excellent pricing, which is passed on to you. But more importantly, because we can “shop” your job around based on which printers have the right equipment we can offer better value. In some cases phorm will print your job may in stages at more than one shop – again, this is due to the fact each shop is able to provide the most competitive price based on their equipment and expertise.


Think of it like a mortgage broker who has the ability to “shop” many banks, whereas if you deal with a bank directly they can only offer you their product, and they will do so even if they know there is a better deal out there. They are also not in position where they can elaborate on the pros and cons of your various choices.


phorm Printing + Design Services include

(but are not limited to):


• Brochure and Flyer printing.

• Sticker and Label printing.

• Business card printing.

• Calendar printing.

• Postcard printing.

• Door hanger printing.

• Envelope printing.

• Presentation Folder printing.

• CD & DVD duplication, CD & DVD inlays, CD & DVD pouches, CD & DVD covers.

• Clings printing.

• Greeting Card printing.

• Letterhead printing.

• Vehicle Magnet printing.

• Notepad printing.

• Plastics printing.

• Rip Card printing.

• Short run digital printing.

• Booklet printing.

• Tent Card printing.

• Ticket printing.

• Die Cutting, Embossing.

• Business Forms, Carbonless (NCR)

• Signs of all kinds.


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